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研究纳入了131病人,其中乙肝相关肝癌和丙肝相关肝癌分别为72%和28%。两组患者p-ERK和Raf激酶抑制蛋白表达率无差别。丙肝相关肝癌的VEGF表达率更高(95% vs 72%,P=0.005),H评分也更高(289.5 vs 248.8,P<0.001)。



Background: HCC with different etiologic factors may result in activation of different signaling pathways. This study aimed to clarify if HBV-related HCC (HBV-HCC) and HCV-related HCC (HCV-HCC) may have difference in the expression of key molecules that are relevant to contemporary molecular targeted therapy.

Methods: We enrolled patients diagnosed with advanced HCC from 2001 to 2011 who had tumor tissues obtained upon the diagnosis of advanced HCC at our center. Tumor slides were immunohistochemically stained for phosphorylated extracellular signal-regulated kinases (p-ERK), Raf kinase inhibitory protein (RKIP), and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). The expressions of p-ERK and RKIP were evaluated according to percentages of positive-staining cells and graded as: 0: 0; 1+: 1-10%; 2+: 11-50%; 3+: > 50%. Grades 0 and 1 were considered negative, and grades 2 and 3 positive. VEGF staining was evaluated as strong or weak according to staining intensity. The staining results of VEGF were further recorded as H scores, defined as intensity (0, 1, 2, or 3) × percentages of positive staining.

Results: In total, 131 patients were enrolled in this study; 94 (72%) patients had HBV-HCC, and 37 (28%) patients had HCV-HCC. HBV-HCC and HCV-HCC had similar expression of p-ERK (positive: 45% vs. 51%, p = 0.491) and RKIP (positive: 83% vs. 84%, p = 0.912). HCV-HCC was more likely to have strong VEGF staining than HBV-HCC (95% vs. 72%, p = 0.005) and higher H scores for VEGF staining (289.5 vs. 248.8, p< 0.001). In multivariate analysis adjusting for age, sex, macrovascular invasion, extrahepatic metastasis, and α-fetoprotein level, HCV-HCC remained an independent factor associated with strong VEGF staining. VEGF staining intensity was not associated with age, sex, macrovascular invasion, extrahepatic metastasis, and α-fetoprotein level.

Conclusions: HCV-HCC has stronger VEGF expression than HBV-HCC. (This study was supported by the grant of NSC101-2314-B-002-141, 100CAP1020-2, and NTUH.101-N1965.)


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